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We are two young folks loving life! We both love laughing and just taking one day at a time, We sometimes laugh because since we are both the babies of our family we look to one another to take care of each other...We both love sports and outdoors. Dan is 23 and I'm 21 but we both feel like we are so much older...I don't know why, but we either feel older or way too young! Dan in one word...Hilarious Ashley in one word...I'll have Dan fill this one out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets Go Jazz!

Dan's brother and Sister in law, Jamie and Lori invited us to a Jazz game where we got to high five the players! This was a dream for Dan and he couldn't stop talking about what he was going to say tot he players...what his response would be if they asked him to play with them. He couldn't wait!
Here we are on the court holding #1 in the air! With our Jazz shirts. I had to add the scarf to compliment my outfit! ha ha Not to mention the fact that the size large shirt fit me better then Dan with my belly!

Us and the Jazz bear!

The video of Dan's dream come true...he shows how excited he is at the end with a dance!

Thanks Jamie and Lori best night EVER!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

lots to update everyone on...

The fire place in the living room...and a taste of Dans awesome paint job. The picture to the right is of one of the many projects Dan has started!

So it has been six months since my last update...I don't have the Internet so its not on the priority list. There has been so much going on so Dan (who has seen our blog once) asked me if I have made an update...I knew it was about time I do just that!

We finally moved in our home!!! the last week of September and love it. Dan has done so much work on the home and thanks to family and friends we were able to do most of the work on our own and only some of it you can tell wasn't done by a professional. We still have work to do but Dan ad I love spending each night together, in our home and our new...Dog

Above pictured is my dad Nate with maple...and maple's signature pose!

Maple is very smart when it comes to comfort!! While Jim (Dan's dad) was over putting in our dish washer she found that his back was much more comfortable than cold tile...ha ha it must have been the fleece vest!

Ha ha yes we have a new dog named Maple. I shouldn't really say dog because she is a puppy...and I have been informed that this breed of dog (weimaraner) stays a puppy longer than most. Dan told me this after we got her. She is already twice the size of when we first got her, and she keeps growing. I have had a puppy before, I mean I really had a puppy that was mine and I took her out during the night, walked her, washed her, cleaned her poo up and fed her. My mom was very nice to watch her while I was in school, but when I was home she was mine. It was hard work and I knew this so I told Dan he would be doing the night time duty and clean up. So he has and I love it other than I wake up to a dog biting me (yes she sleeps in our bed, BETWEEN us. she will have it no other way) so I then have to wake Dan up. No point I really should just take her out, she knows when Dan is out he is out. Our new adventure is fully potty training her with a doggy door...she goes out and poops on the deck and comes back in, now how can I get mad when its not in the house??? Her best friend is my parents dog Katy who is almost as crazy as Maple. Sydney not too thrilled with her...as you can see by the picture, the chubby dog Sydney was forced to play with her. We both love her and get extremely frustrated with her which will hopefully help us with our next exciting step in our life, a...

BABY!!! A little girl is about to join our family...I'm all about the girl power. Little Sophia is joining our family hopefully May 18th or sooner. We have been blessed with getting five ultrasounds in the last 22 weeks and have seen how much she is growing each week.
Here we have her foot which every time the lady doing the ultrasound is obsessed with! its big maybe she will be tall...and her profile where her nose looks just like her dads!
So we have lots going on in our life and I hope I can be better at posting! I'm not making any promises...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kate Michelle Wolfgramm!!!!!

7 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long!!!! born July 10 2009.
Grandpa Warner and Kate, He loves her so so much!!!
Daddy Simeon and his little girl! She totally has him wrapped around his finger!
Grandma Warner and Kate, She never wants to miss out on anything that happens to kate, so she would be responsible for all the pictures and video of the baby! Too bad she wasn't this motivated when michelle and I were babies.
Uncle Dan and Aunt Ashley! I love babies but the love I have for this little girl, there are no words to describe it.
She LOVES her mom! every time Michelle talks Kate looks around to find her.
Before the Birth, sim was such a good support to Michelle . Waiting all day, he was watching golf while waiting but still waiting! Sim is such a good Husband, brother and will be an Amazing Dad!
weighing in!
This is Kate's room! My mom and I helped Michelle clean it the night before!!! Michelle was planning on another week before the arrival.

I have to say that babies are such a blessing! Michelle allowed me and my mom in the room at the birth of Kate!! I cannot tell you the feeling that I got when Kate finally got here, her spirit filled the room and I had no other option but to smile and cry as I watched a family form and two people that I love so much become a father and Mother. Kate will be such a strength to all of us and I cannot wait to be a part of her life!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Since I just got on the blogging train....I thought I would look back on the last vacations I've been on since Dan and I were married.

Hawaii, thats were we went on our honeymoon and it was joined with a Derrick family reunion!!! Just with 32 people in one beach house two weeks we got married! It sounds kind of scary right?! It was the greatest and I loved having time to get to know Dan better and his family!! good thing I loved his family before we even got married!

At the dole plantation!! his favorite pinapple...he was mad I made him find one so I could take his picture with it. You can tell its a fake smile, but a very attractive fake smile!

Dan learning how to surf! it was so fun to watch him, he was really good too. He is just too cute.
These were the best snow cones ever! If you know me I LOVE LOVE snow cones/ Hawaiian Ice and these were amazing! they are famous for having beans at the bottom. (north shore)Dan and I had such a fun time, if we don't count when I got the flu and was throwing up in that bathroom and almost passed out on Waikiki.... We even got up-graded to a ocean view hotel room for free!

Dan loves his mom. I mean he LOVES his mom and she LOVES him. He was so excited to see his family at the airport the second week in Hawaii.

Brian, Ryan, Matt, Dan, Braden and Jamie all went surfing!!! (one of the best pictures of the trip!) Dan looks so dark...Jealous.
Dan is going to be such a good dad!!! look at him and how much he loves it! I'm thinking about making one for him that carries me on the back!
I didn't want to buy the picture...so I took a picture of it instead! At the PCC...
Grammy at Pearl Harbor with some grandkids! Seth, Abby, Kate, and Em. Isn't Dan's mother Beautiful?!!!!
Last Day...So hard to leave Hawaii.

If you haven't already been able to tell that I love pictures, then I'm sorry but I love pictures I'm a visual kind of person and thats how I remeber things, so if you hate pictures you will probably hate my blog!

MEXICO and DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a boat ride to go to a private resort!!!
Me trying to kiss a praying Dan while he is standing on his area where he served his mission.
Kayaking...yes it got frustrating when Dan would not follow my instructions. I can't find any of the Disneyland pictures but I'll post them when I find them!!!

We went to Disneyland first and it was so fun to go when I had someone that I could ride with (Dan) so I would never have to be the awkward one that was the single rider!!! Thats how it was when my sister got married. It was fun to go on rides and run across the park to beat lines like I was twelve again! As much as I love Disneyland I think I'll wait till I have kids for the next trip!

Mexico was so fun we went on carnival cruise lines and it was so fun to dress up, have our room cleaned and all our food made for us anytime of the day. Dan liked it a lot, it was his first cruise and I will tell you he took advantage of all the perks!!! If you know my husband then you know how much he eats and how messy he is. So if the rules change on cruise ships it might stem from Dan and his habits! Mexico was fun, but we did come back with a few upsets...My mom was sick for weeks and not one doctor knew what was wrong with her, I was sea sick as always! and my dad ate a pepper that was WAY too hott for his poor mouth. Dan reminded him that peppers in Mexico are a little different than in the states!

I love traveling and I can't wait for another trip!!!!!